What We Remember

Sometimes you appreciate the legacy you've been left as it is being left, other times it is not until the people leaving the legacy have died that you fully grasp how great a cloud a witnesses you are surrounded by. Today is my birthday.  I don't mind celebrating the passing of time (as it marches … Continue reading What We Remember


The Women

Yesterday morning, I got in the car to head to church and a thought ran through my head...it wasn't a pleasant thought....it wasn't a new thought....and it wasn't a godly thought. Alone...again. (I think that's a song?!) I share this reluctantly, because I don't want to shed a harmful light on anyone, especially someone I … Continue reading The Women

Bible Prep 2018

In the news feed on social media (that I follow), it's all a buzz about getting ready or starting a new "something" for the New Year, either regarding spiritual growth or physical improvement. What's your "word"? What reading plan are you following? What planner/journal/bible are you using? I posted last week about my planner/calendar, then yesterday, … Continue reading Bible Prep 2018