We have a new pastor! If you've read the past year's worth of posts, you know this is a huge answer to prayers. This is his first church and he's already stepped into the ministry full force.  He's married a couple, buried one of our deacons, visited with members, planned out some goals for the … Continue reading Praying


Reading, Praying, Seeking, Hearing

I know that people roll their eyes at me when I show them a new bible I got. I love bibles....I've confessed that before & I work at a bible publishing I have access to what I love. I've been using a hardback version of a bible I reviewed here, but I'm just not … Continue reading Reading, Praying, Seeking, Hearing


At the top of my blog is a little box that says "write".  Sometimes it seems to shout at me...just do it...write!  Write something.  Write anything. For me, writing is a way to get all the jumbled thoughts out of me head.  It's therapeutic.  However, it seems that I only write when I'm depressed or … Continue reading Write


Last week I had an out-patient procedure that should have gone smoothly with just a couple of days of recovery.  It's been over a week and I still have some remaining issues, but I'm finally feeling normal again. It took less than a few hours for the pain to start wrecking my body and it began … Continue reading Thirsty