The Old Quilts

As I was adding labels to some old quilts recently, it gave me an opportunity to look at them again up close. I forget sometimes how my ancestors had to struggle to make coverings for there loved ones, how they had to use every scrap of fabric they could find just to keep them warm. … Continue reading The Old Quilts

A Labor of Love

Yesterday, I was listening to random selections of songs on my phone while I was on my way to drop some things off at my daughter's house (you know, the daughter becoming a mother this week!). A Christmas song played and it floored me, "Labor of Love" by Andrew Peterson. The song is about Mary … Continue reading A Labor of Love

The Waiting

Easter came and went this year, different than ever before. Churches were empty, no sunrise service on the hill with our community. Nothing, just another quiet day at the house and I think it rained, again. I'm a little weird, or rebellious, but when everyone was getting on-line for their Easter church service, I kept … Continue reading The Waiting

The Slowing Down

Since February, I feel like I've been disconnected from the world around me. Early in February, I was in the hospital with kidney stones that went sepsis. I was laid up for about 2 weeks healing from that and then getting the kidney stones removed. In the midst of that recovery, I was hit with … Continue reading The Slowing Down