I noticed that I introduced you (my few readers) to my new daughter-in-law in a post from January. Well, if we are friends on Facebook, you might have noticed that the newlyweds made a surprise announcement and in October we have a little girl joining the family! We are all soooo excited. I'm been aching … Continue reading Impact

The Stitches

I am not a quilter. The art of quilting is something I've been trying to master for several years now, about 30 to be exact. I started sewing at a very young age which is only natural since my mother was a seamstress, as was her mother and my father's mother. Both my grandmother's were … Continue reading The Stitches

The Last Straw

How much straw had been put on the camel's back before one more piece broke it? What gets the most attention when that happens....that one piece of straw or all the straw that was there before? Who gets blamed...the camel for not being strong enough or those that were loading up the camel? I've been … Continue reading The Last Straw