The Last Straw

How much straw had been put on the camel's back before one more piece broke it? What gets the most attention when that happens....that one piece of straw or all the straw that was there before? Who gets blamed...the camel for not being strong enough or those that were loading up the camel? I've been … Continue reading The Last Straw

Dreaming of Her

What happens whenlove looks like hate,waiting looks like being forgotten,prayers feel like no one is listening,and death feels like being alone? I remember the day death turned into joy,when the last breath was turned into dancing,when His presence was felt when He took her hand,and wrapped His wings of comfort around me. She came to … Continue reading Dreaming of Her

Two Become One

I noticed that the last post on this blog was in September and since that time, I received a special gift....a new daughter. That's my little boy, showing off his new bling! About 8 years ago, I wrote about what it meant to have my daughter marry (you can read that post here), so I … Continue reading Two Become One


We have a new pastor! If you've read the past year's worth of posts, you know this is a huge answer to prayers. This is his first church and he's already stepped into the ministry full force.  He's married a couple, buried one of our deacons, visited with members, planned out some goals for the … Continue reading Praying


At the top of my blog is a little box that says "write".  Sometimes it seems to shout at me...just do it...write!  Write something.  Write anything. For me, writing is a way to get all the jumbled thoughts out of me head.  It's therapeutic.  However, it seems that I only write when I'm depressed or … Continue reading Write