Believing vs Following

What does it take to be a believer of Jesus....or a follower? Is there a difference?  What happens first? (notes and insights taken from my study of Radical, by David Platt) Matthew 4: 18-22 Jesus is walking by the Sea of Galilee.  Two brothers (Simon Peter & Andrew) are fishing (probably from the shore) casting … Continue reading Believing vs Following


Retreat! Retreat!

I have a retreat mode.  It's a defense mechanism I use when I feel threatened. Maybe that's why I like turtles. I want to just pull inward and hide in my shell until the threat has passed, then be on my way.  When I'm not able to retreat, I turn into a snapping turtle. I've … Continue reading Retreat! Retreat!

24 Years

Almost 24 years to the hour, the son that I gave birth to on this day in 1994, pulled out of the driveway with a truckload of furniture and his dog to begin his life in another state. This was different than when he moved away to another state to go to college.  When that … Continue reading 24 Years

What Are You Doing to Your Bible?!!!!

I wrote this a few years ago, but as I prepare to teach a bible journaling class next weekend, I thought I would repost this article that explains why I started doing art in my bible.

Deborah Boutwell

I’ve posted a few pictures on my personal Facebook page of the way that I’m studying my bible this year….considered illustrated faith…and received mixed feedback.  Some seem to enjoy seeing the pictures and others are horrified that I’m drawing in my bible, actually covering up words with pictures.

Whatever the response….it’s made people talk about the bible and that has led into discussions about God.

I love it!!!!

I never took an art class…but then I was surrounded by the greatest artists that I know of….my mother and my grandmother.  It was pretty common to find myself doing some kind of art while in their presence.  When they would take art lessons, I would visit with them on my lunch breaks and absorb what they were learning like a sponge. (They took private lessons at one time close to where I was working.)  Having a table full of art supplies…

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The Fill UP

I was reminded of this skit I wrote last night. The Fill Up Written by Deborah Boutwell, 9/10/09 Set up:  Old-time gas pump Characters:  Hank, the gas attendant Fred, regular customer Tom, past customer Driver going the wrong way Woman customer, lost The Son Stage could be set with only an old gas pump, chair … Continue reading The Fill UP